An unlicenced nuclear accelerator, and the single most used item in a Ghostbuster's job. The Proton Pack has a variety of power settings (the most powerful being 500,000 MHz in most models), can be used actively for nearly 12 hours without need of a recharge, and has a 30 second self-destruct activation (of which there is a 3 mile devestation area). Attached to the side of the pack is the particle thrower, the device which emits the accelerated stream of protons. The thrower is pointed at the target, and fired. Once fired, the thrower must be held onto with both hands due to the amount of force given off by the release of the particle stream. The Proton Pack works by accelerating energy to super-charge the protons, the positively charged particles in atoms. The electrons are stored inside the pack, and are released during the recharging phase. Once the proton stream colides with a ghost, the ghost's own negative charge will pull it into the stream, and allow the Ghostbuster to manuver it over a ghost trap for transportation to the long term storage facility. Of special note is the particle stream is NOT to be crossed with another particle stream. This would bring about Total Protonic Reversal, which needless to say is a very bad thing. Several variations have been developed over the years (the original design dates back to Ghostbusters), but the general look of the pack remains the same.

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