German kings and emperors

the first six german kings and emperors have been Karolinger

the next king was a Konradianer and the first one being elected by all East Frankish tribes (Bavaria, Saxony, Franconia and Swabia)

the next five kings were Ludolfinger

the next kings are Salier

the next three kings are so called Gegenkönige, they where elected by some other princes against the old king, while he still lived. They also became emperors, because the pope crowned them to fight Heinrich IV

Ok now it becomes easier again: After Konrad followed the last Saliner

For the next 300 years this was the last dynasty of german emperors. Only the Staufer achived to have four consecutive emperors or kings.

Philipp von Schwaben was not the only king at that time. He was elected together with Otto IV. von Braunschweig (a Welfe). After Philipp was murdered in 1208, Otto became emperor (1209).

The two next ones are Staufer again:

Now the longest period of emperors (and kings) from one family begins. It is the Habsburg

The last three german emperors were Hohenzollern

When there years in the following scheme given: year and year-year this means, that the first year is the year when he became king and the second one when he became emperor.
example: Heinrich II. became king in 1002 and emperor in 1014
The list might seem to be confusing, because sometimes there are more than one emperor I will add information about this in the nodes where I come to the history, this should mainly a list of all the kings and emperors.

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