In the year AD 1027...

  • Afghan hegemon Mahmud of Ghazni invades India for a 17th and final time, defeating the Jats and annexing parts of Multan and Punjab into his kingdom.
  • Pope John XIX crowns Conrad II as Holy Roman Emperor, after a 3-year succession battle following the death of Holy Roman Emperor Henry II in 1024.
  • The Jews of Spain declare Samuel HaNagid the first Nagid ("Prince") of the Spanish Jewry.
  • The Tibetan Calendar is introduced, and begins with the year Fire-Rabbit 1.
  • On the orders of Emperor Renzhong, Imperial Physician Wang Weiyi oversees the casting of two life-size bronze men or Tong Ren, showing the precise locations of where to place acupuncture needles, in the earliest known instance of the creation of such models. One of the men survives to this day, and is an invaluable source of knowledge about the acupuncture points in use at that time.

These people were born in 1027:

These people died in 1027:

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