Born in 1740:

Died in 1740:

Events of 1740:
  • The problems associated with having Maria Theresa succeed her father had been foreseen and taken care of.  All of the European powers had agreed (or been bribed with territory) to not make trouble at her accession.  But Frederick sees nothing but opportunity: Prussia has a claim to Silesia, and does not allow women to inherit.  On December 13, Frederick holds a masked ball for all of Europe's courtiers and diplomats. During the ball he slips away to meet his troops, and on December 16 Frederick's troops march into Silesia.  This is the first action in what would become the War of the Austrian Succession.
  • The War of Jenkins' Ear continues.
  • Two hurricanes destroy cattle and supplies in Louisiana.

1739 - 1740 - 1741

How They Were Made - 18th Century

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