Born in 1730: Died in 1730: Events of 1730:
  • Janissaries overthrow Ottoman Sultan Ahmed III, putting his nephew Mahmud I on the throne, and throwing Ahmed into prison.
  • The king of (Piedmont-)Sardinia, Victor Amadeus II, abdicates in favor of his son, Charles Emmanuel III.
  • The Russian Supreme Privy Council elects Anna Ivanovna to be Empress of Russia, with limits placed upon her rule, but she seizes power and crowns herself on April 28.
  • In retaliation for the massacre at Fort Rosalie the previous year, French militia in Louisiana, with Choctaw and Tunica allies, smash the Natchez Indians killing most, selling others into slavery, the rest fleeing and joining other tribes.  The expense, however, bankrupts the French East India Company.
  • The French push the Meskwaki (Fox) Indians out of their territory near Oshkosh, Wisconsin. They accept an invitation to join the Iroquois League. To get there, they cross Illini territory without the latter tribe's permission, and there things get nasty.  100 French troops and 1300 allied Indians surround the Fox at a fortification somewhere in Illinois (some say near Bloomington).  The siege ends September 8 where up to 1,000 Fox men, women and children are killed.
  • Christian Goldbach presents an alternate proof of the infinitude of prime numbers.
  • Benjamin Franklin and Hugh Meredith are elected official government printers of Pennsylvania.  Franklin breaks out of an arrangement to marry the niece of one of his co-lodgers, named Godfrey, when he discovers the Godferys want him to elope with the girl and spare them the expense of a dowry.
  • The Acadians of Nova Scotia swear an oath to not take up arms against King George II but are not required to take up arms against the French.
  • American colonists are instructed to mark all large white pine trees as the property of the King, reserved for ship's masts.

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