Schloss (english: castle) is one of the castles in the park of Sanssouci in Potsdam, Germany. It lies a bit away from the normal path between the Neues Palais and the Schloss Sanssouci. In the middle of your way from the Neues Palais the Schloss Sanssouci you turn south, passing the Römische Bäder (Roman Baths), you reach the castle. My suggestion for a good way through the park is, that you start you at the Schloss Charlottenhof (there's also a bus stop, named after the castle, on the bus lines 605 and 606 which start at the main railroad station of Potsdam), then go west along the border of the park and the north to the Neues Palais, after visting it, you follow the main path through the park to the Schloss Sanssouci. You will miss main beauty and silent sights in the park, but if you have limited time you are able to see the most important things in the park. Entrance to the park is free, but entrance and guidance in the castles costs from 2-16 DM (1-8 US $).

The castle was build from 1826 til 1829 by Karl Friedrich Schinkel (he build for example the Neue Wache in Berlin) after plans from crown prince Friedrich Wilhelm IV., who later became king and who was the first of king Friedrich, der Große's (the founder of the park and builder most of its buildings) successors who lived in the park and extended it (the part where the castle was built, had been integrated into the park only one year before the building of the castle began). Friedrich Wilhelm built it mainly for his wife Charlotte, but the building, which resembled more a villa than a castle, was later used as the private residence for both of them, giving them a bit of personal life.

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