Sanssouci (without sorrows) is not only a palace but also a park it lies in Potsdam (south-west of Berlin), Germany. In the park are several other palaces and buildings. For example the Neues Palais (palace), the Römische Bäder, the Schloß Charlottenhof (palace), the Chinesisches Haus (Chinese House), the Drachenhaus (Dragonhouse) and the Orangerie lie in the park.
The park was build in 1744 by Friedrich der Große (Frederick the Great). The park was originally built for the cultivation of wine, plum and fig. But because of the great view he began one year later to build a palace, Schloß Sanssouci. It was built as a summer residence by Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff and finished in 1747. The other buildings were built years after that, partly by Friedrich himself, partly by his successors (mainly by Friedrich Wilhelm IV.).
The main part of the park:
|   3            2       \
|                      1  |
|                         |
|4                        |
|             ___7__      |
|          6 /      \____/
|         5 /
1: Schloss Sanssouci
2: Orangerie
3: Drachenhaus
4: Neues Palais
5: Schloss Charlottenhof
6: Römische Bäder
7: Chinesisches Haus

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