An ancient martial art that originated in Scotland. Glasgow in particular is famous for its practitioners.

Masters of this art form can dispense head-butts at will. They are also experts in the use of the broken bottle.

The traditional greeting and invitation to participate in this noble and ancient art is the following question:

"Does your mother sow?"


"Who do you support?"

To the non-initiate, the best reply to the first question is to run away at top speed, as an affirmative answer will result in the interlocutor mentioning that your mother might like to sow the following, upon which you will receive a Glasgow kiss. The best answer to the second question is "Hee Bees". This might even have to effect of disarming the opponent with laughter.

The best defense tactic against Fuh Kyu is not to be English and if you find yourself in Glasgow, remember these words: "I follow the Hee Bees."

This is a line taken from Mike Myers in the film, So I Married an Axemurderer. There is a line when he is talking to his girlfriend about martial arts, and he states:

'Scotland has its own form of martial arts. It's called fuh-kyu. It mainly consists of headbutting and kicking a man when he's down.'

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