This writeup does not impart my views on abortion.

I learned this from my girlfriend's mother. In Israel, as in most countries in which religion plays a large part in the government, abortion is illegal. Of course, as in just about any country I know, there are circumstances which make abortion legal. For instance, if the pregnancy carries serious danger to the mother's life.

Well, my girlfriend's mother wanted an abortion. She keeps prescription medicine forever. She never throws it away, because she never knows when she'll need it. I think this is really stupid - she plays at being her own doctor, prescribing herself prescription drugs. Please don't think this is a clever idea and do it yourself. It's really not. Anyway, this gave her the idea. There are certain drugs that you are absolutely NOT allowed to take during a pregnancy, as they cause a large amount of mutations or other pregnancy hazards. This is especially true of medication for back aches. She told her doctor she took one of these drugs. I'm not sure which specific medicine she told him she took, but it was really bad for the baby. (Note: she didn't actually take the drug. She just told the doctor she took it.) Basically, you should ask your doctor which medicine you should absolutely never, under any circumstances take if you're pregnant, and then go to obstetrics and tell them you took it.

Then they will rapidly yell and scream at you and explain to you how stupid you are, and how the hell could you do that to the baby, and that it's a prescription drug and you are NOT allowed to take it without a prescription that's why it's called a PRESCRIPTION drug and you should go to the doctor when you have back aches and who the hell takes that when they are pregnant...

And then they'll let you have an abortion.

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