This will in the future be referred to as the FYGPD version 1.0
For the flipside, please read the Fuck Me General Public Disclaimer, authored by your friend and mine, getzburg

Please raise your hand if you think this is a reasonable plea. And please excuse the psychobabble I'm going to be using.

FORWARD: I like to discuss ideas. I like throwing my own personal ideas out on the table in order to get some feedback and constructive criticism; We can't grow unless we're willing to criticize ourselves.

When I discuss my ideas, I reasonably expect people to make write-ups either attacking, supporting or further analyzing my ideas. On the contrary, people tend not to do this. In fact, you could say they use my ideas as oppurtunities to try and draw some motive from it, and use that as ammunition to attack me.


Now you can go ahead and downvote me for saying this, and I don't care if you do; I'm not here to be your friend anyways. But I feel it's a bunch of bullshit for people to go and attack a person for their ideas they choose to discuss.

Example: DMan(the man everyone loves to hate, or vice versa) makes a post on topic A; automatically there are literally hordes of people who go and muckrake through his post, looking for some hint of motive with which to attack him with. On the flipside, there's always those people who agree with him and attack his perpetrators for being just that, like it makes them any better for it! Now, I'm no psychology major, but I feel this is fucking sick.

Now, with all these things considered, a flamewar is understandable, you could say he's asking for it, like the girl at the bar who got raped because she wore her skirt so high, because she was asking for it.

That's a bunch of bullshit!

I feel it's a clear indication of not only ignorance, but a total lack of respect for people to go and post such derogatory writeups on someone else's node. Now this is just me, but when I post on someone else's node, I make sure that my comments are made in due respect to the creator of the node, not the author with the hottest writeup. Once again, doing this is just me, but others seem to feel that such respect is not appropriate here. I function under the precept that if you don't have anything that is either:

A) Nice to say(People always love compliments)

or B) Makes a signifigant intellectual contribution to the discussion.

Why, do you ask? Well, because when someone makes a write-up on an idea oriented node that doesn't either compliement, attack or further analyze the discussed concept, it tends to usually be a totally uninformed statement that attacks the author directly. That's so lame, because you as well as I know that this will 99.9743% percent of the time lead to a flamewar unless the first party is consciously avoiding conflict, which is rarely the case here.

With these things in mind, I have created this: the Fuck You General Public Disclaimer, which I plan to attach a hardlink to in all of my idea oriented write-ups. Anyone who should concurr with these views is welcomed to do the same. The FYGPD operates under the following precepts:

  • Communication is always determined by the receiver, not the sender. Therefore, when someone reads a write-up with which they disagree, they should first ask for clarifacation on a the points they don't understand in the write-up before posting a rebuttal.

  • People will think what they want to think, regardless of what you want them to think. So even if you explain every-fucking-detail of your defense to them and they still just reply with insults, then fuck em! Hence the name of this disclaimer.

    AUTHOR'S COMMENT: Unforetunetly, I am very defensive by nature; I don't defend topics for the sake of it, I defend something because I hold that ideal very dear to my heart, therefore am quite vicious about it. Where I draw the line is in letting a defense degrade into insults. I will always defend my points with my facts and a logical/moral/ethical argument that makes sense, none of that "Holier than thou", fake-dao, "I'm smarter than you, so don't expect to understand" mystery shit. Even though I am very fucking willing to use foul language, the kind mama washed your mouth out with soap for using.

  • The author will always welcome anyone to attack, defend or futher explore his/her ideas, and not attack/defend/analyze the author personally! This is a major stickler for me, because I think it is so totally weak-minded of people to draw conclusions or make statements about a person because of the ideas they choose to discuss. We will be judged for our actions, no more, no less.

  • If you cannot follow any of the precepts listed above, then just don't post at all. Thank you.

I'd like to add a final retrospect in light of some interesting criticism received because of this node. It is not neccesarilly a good thing to blindly defend your point to the end. I've been put into a number of binds in the past, where you get to that point in a debate where you've been all but proved wrong. You can either A) Be proud and deny defeat. This usually leads to either namecalling or use of unrealistic defenses which will probably lead again to namecalling. B) Accept defeat and shake your oponnent's hand, and furthermore adjust your views in light of current circumstance.or C) Hit the reset button.


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