Warning: I do not care who i offend

Thats right kiddies, from the point of an atheist, God is created to the form in which man needs him. When they needed a god which would power their battles, then they said he would forgive them. Or when they were going for peace, God was there for them. To give an image of god, or a physical state, then someone exactly like them, except unshaven, was created. What about with the witch hunts and other mild forms of persecution? Thats right, God was molded, and recreated to fit mans image.
I think this idea is rather clear when you consider the personality of the God that is believed by the society where the religion is prevalent.

Take the Hebrew god, YHWH, for example. The Hebrews of the time of the Torah were a very warlike people, living in a very violent area. Thus, they had a very cruel and vicious god, who killed people en masse left and right, ordered a number of genocides, and sent a bear to maul children just for making fun of a priest. Their god was created after the type of life they knew.

Any violent people would believe in violent gods, as they wouldn't want to feel like they were disobeying their god by believing a god of peace. And of course there would be a tendency for the beliefs in the violent gods to persevere, as they'd overrun any peaceful ones and eliminate them.

Of course, then again, it could work the other way also, as a cruel, violent god who made people in his image would make them cruel and violent also...

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