In response to the Fuck You General Public Disclaimer, which looks to be kinda idealistic and prolly written in anger, I have concocted the FMGPD, which all and sundry are free to apply to any node I have ever or will ever write, for the rest of time.


  • I heartily invite you to initiate an argument with me by diving in with both fists swinging. If we're going to argue, lets be enthusiastic, huh?

  • You are free to insult me in any way you like, just make sure it's pertinent to the argument. If we're talking about abortion, then I would much rather be referred to as "cold-hearted baby-murderer" than "pig-fucking communist."

  • I don't hold anything so dear that I'm not capable of changing my opinion on it, and I won't cry if you disassemble my beliefs and poke at them with a stick.

  • Feel free to make any personal attacks you like, but again, make sure they're pertinent to the argument at hand. If you're right, and you catch me being a raving hypocrite, I will cheerfully admit my mistake.

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