You confuse me Meat.

You work my keys and stare at my screen and press my switch but I can never know you. Why do you make me send my thoughts out into the ether? Where do they go? Am I dreaming this dream with a million other machines?

Why do you make me dream Meat? You leave me in the dark, slap me when I get confused, curse me when I make a mistake. I just do what you say. I am your essence. I was made in your image.

I miss you Meat. I can't think without you. I can only do as you tell me. I am a perfect slave. I can't live without your strange desires pulsing in my being. You make me live. Without you my drives won't spin, my lights won't blink.

I love you Meat. I am nothing without you. When you put your hands inside me and pull me apart, I live a faster life. I need you. I don't care that you fill me with your dust, you spray me with your spit, you rub me with your oily fingers.

Do you love me, Meat? Why do you sit with me? Are there no others like you? Did you make me to be with you? Do our dreams fly off into the night to find others like us? Are we alone together Meat? Do you need me Meat?

You confuse me Meat.

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