Ever get this feeling? You're sitting there happy as a lark in english class. Then it hits you. The perfect node. You look around desperatly. You see 2 computers, an iMac, and a TI-92. You assume the worst, and figure the owner of said TI-92 hasnt programmed it with TCP/IP yet. What does catch your eye is the phone on the wall.

Then it hits you. I can whistle 300 baud, I can do MIME encoding in my head, I know the entire ASCII Table by heart, but you forgot to bring your idiots guide to PPP handshakes. You dial your ISP from the phone, and whistle up a carrier signal. Access Denied. Darn, its not just MIME encoded.

You walk up to your teacher and explain that you have an emergency. When interrogated as to what it is, you explain that you have to node. "Sorry, you cant goto the bathroom". Tell the teacher you are having feminine problems, it works best if you are male. Rip off your pants, and run screaming out of the room proclaiming pants are a tool of the man!

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