after heads dropped sullen and eyes closed sleepless there was a moment of raging screaming piercing, penetrating sound, so loud silence, for her. she would not fall into warm hands and, she would not slip not again and there would be no reason for this reason her reason.

clenched fist rage

i did not touch your skin, moist fear, you were reeling in forever and so tense and then your tears sealed my faith in the way we were lost, together.

rightfully so.

i would watch her lips, pursed, raw and sometimes torn from the pain,
just to know they could still quiver like that. her head always looked so small when it was lost in the pillows.
she could fight her way out of those places,
the ones i did not care to know.

i would hold her, when her body relaxed and her eyelids could move most freely.. she'd find my eyes and the freedom i could spill from them, for her always. struggling ceased, she could only nod, and i would know, i would know she was free for the night.

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