This lyric, created by Dilated Peoples of the Beat Junkies, can be heard in track #14, "Guaranteed", on the dope ass Beat Junkies album 'The World Famous Beat Junkies, vol 3'.

According to Dilated Peoples, and I would have to agree with them as usual, this is one of many 'guaranteed' truths about people. The way a person talks, let alone the way they graf, provides insight as to what kinds of people they surround themselves with. This can mean something as general as which town or city a person came up in, or something as specific as the exact block they live on or crew they belong to.
Yeah yeah yeah, prepositions abound at the end of my sentences, but I am from the midwest after all.

I believe the truth behind this statement is largely unavoidable; obviously we learn to speak and carry ourselves by hearing and watching the people around us as we grow up. But what I find the most interesting about this (and what I think those delectable Beat Junkies were getting at) is how purposeful it can be as well. Deep down, I think people (or at least alot of us) truly revel in what we came from. The fact that we project part of that information in various aspects of our 'image' may at times be subconsious but is no accident.

Think about what kinds of things about your background people can derive from the way you speak, your artwork, and other ways you present yourself. Think also about how you can tell a few things about others based on whether or not they pick up on and how they react to these little clues.

And Sarcasmo, all the time you spend dissin my language in our IM's doesn't even phase me. :)

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