Los Angeles-based turntablist DJ crew which includes L.A. (DJ Rhettmatic, DJ Babu, DJ Shortkut, and J-Rocc. The group's title is, more completely The World Famous Beat Junkies, but who's counting?

{quoted from http://www.hip-hop.com/section101/beatjunkies.html...}

Founded in 1992 by the crew's president, J-Rocc. The original members included: Curse, Rhettmatic, Melo-D, Icy Ice, Symphony, & What?!

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Other members over the years include D-Styles, Havik, Tommy Gun, & Mr. Choc. As a group the Beat Junkies have put out 3 albums, The World Famous Beat Junkies Volumes I-III. Individually they on tons of recordings, including the recent Dilated Peoples debut and the Tektonics compilation on OM Records.

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