Freek Show (Released Halloween 2000) (Misspelling intentional)Twiztid produced this entire album by themselves w/Fritz the Cat, except for the track "Maniac Killa" which had beats by Shaggy 2 Dope of the Insane Clown Posse. It features more of a rock feel than their previous albums, while not coming anywhere near rapcore. This album marked Twiztid coming into their own, and they started headlining their own tours instead of opening up for Psychopathic labelmates ICP.


  1. Intro - A speech over ominous background music.
  2. Mutant X - Sort of an introduction track, for people who don't know who Twiztid are. The title is a reference to group member Jamie Madrox's name origins, an old X-Men character. This song is instantly recognizable by the crashing piano chords, and a warped noise that goes on for the entire song.
  3. We Don't Die - A harder song with heavy distorted guitars. There was a video for this song in decent rotation on MuchMusic for a while.
  4. Fall Apart - A song about slowly going crazy due to life's experiences
  5. **** on the First Date - Great pimp song.. origin of the juggalo chant "I'm a lunatic widow lookin' to get laid, any hookers here tonight that lookin' to get paid?"
  6. Do You Really Know? - "Do you really know what it's like to be me?"
  7. Leave Me Alone - Rock song, has kind of a 70s feel to me
  8. People Are Strange - a cover of the old Doors song
  9. All I Ever Wanted w/ICP - This song kind of explains the juggalo mentality
  10. I Wanna Be - a short Madrox rap about wanting to be Batman, his role model
  11. Bagz - A rap about smoking weed that's a hit even with non-juggalos
  12. What the Dead Like w/ICP - a song about the afterlife, with a lot of philosophical babbling by Violent J
  13. Empty - an song with a rock feel, this is Madrox's favorite song on the album. Monoxide put this track as #13 just to help Madrox overcome his fear of the number 13.
  14. Where Itz Going Down w/Blaze and the Three 6 Mafia - Attitude rap... features a nonPsychopathic act.. a bit of a rarity
  15. Broken Wingz - a rallying cry for the juggalos
  16. Maniac Killa - This is a Dark Lotus track, with an introduction by the wrestler Vampiro. Dark Lotus is a rap group featuring ICP, Twiztid, Blaze, and Marz, although Marz wasn't in the group when this track was recorded. This song has a noticably different feel to it, as it was produced by Shaggy 2 Dope instead of Fritz the Cat (The guy that produced the rest of the album)
  17. Different - A song about being different, with a rock feel
  18. I'm Alright - This song reads like a suicide note.
There's also a hidden track consisting of messages left by Juggalos on the Twiztid hotline.

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