Blaze Ya Dead Homie is a person and a group. The person is a member of the group.

Blaze (the person) first appeared on the reissue of the Twiztid CD Mostasteless on the track "Hound Dogs", which is about obsessive fans. His first live performance was at the 2000 Gathering of the Juggalos, where he was joined onstage by Anybody Killa. Anybody Killa is now the other member of the group Blaze Ya Dead Homie.

Blaze Ya Dead Homie (the group) was formerly on Psychopathic Records, but left the label due to tensions with Alex Abbiss, the manager. They are currently unsigned, but open for their former PR label mates Twiztid. They've also appeared on several Twiztid songs: Hound Dogs (on the Mostasteless reissue, Where Itz Goin Down (on Freek Show, also featuring the Three 6 Mafia), the original version of Blam (appearing on The Cryptic Collection), the Hallowicked 2000 song (on the Hallowicked 2000 CD), and Maniac Killa (on Freek Show also featuring ICP. Blaze has one CD out, a 6-track EP.
Tracks: Back from the Dead, Real G Shit, In Case You Forgot, I Go To Work, Put It Down, Shittalkaz w/ICP and Twiztid.

Blaze also raps as Cell Block for the Psychopathic Rydas.
Update 3/29/01: Blaze (and Anybody Killa) are back on Psychopathic Records. They've apparently worked out whatever beef they had with Alex Abbiss. They're opening for ICP (without Twiztid) for the first time at two shows in Omaha in the very near future.

Blaze Ya Dead Homie (born Chris Rouleau in April 1976) is a rapper for the label Psychopathic Records. Psychopathic has a fictional story that they tell about Blaze.

The Psychopathic Story

As this story goes, Blaze was dealing dope for a few years. Then, on February 14, 1989, he was making a routine drop off when he was shot 4 times by some guys in ski masks. Blaze was laid to rest in Sedmont Cemetery. Some time later, he was raised from the dead by Twiztid. So the Blaze Ya Dead Homie we know is the zombie of Chris Rouleau.

The Real Story

Blaze started out in the group 2 Krazy Devils alongside Skrapz of Level Jumpers. Blaze was then known as Psycho C and Skrapz known as Krazie. The group later became known as The Sleepwalkaz. Blaze's name became The Sandman. The group never went anywhere and soon split up. Blaze went on to join with Twiztid.

Soon after, Twiztid was signed to Psychopathic Records and Blaze was soon offered a solo career. He released his self-titled EP in 2000. His music is reminiscent of the hardcore street thug style of the early 90's.

  1. Back From The Dead
  2. Real G Shit
  3. In Case You Forgot
  4. I Go To Work
  5. Put It Down
  6. Shittalkaz

Blaze released his debut LP, 1 Less G In The Hood, in 2001. This album featured many of the well-known Psychopathic artists such as Jamie Madrox, Monoxide Child, and Insane Clown Posse. Anybody Killa also played a huge part in the album, which set him up for future success. This album, while experimental with some guitar sounds, stayed true to Blaze's gangsta image.

  1. The Eulogy
  2. Grave Ain't No Place
  3. Casket
  4. Juggalo Anthem
  5. Nasty
  6. Str8 Outta Detroit
  7. Maggot Face
  8. Here I Am
  9. Hood Rats
  10. Hatchet Luv
  11. Saturday Afternoon
  12. Given Half The Chance
  13. U Can't Hurt Me Now
  14. Thug 4 Life
  15. Hatchet Execution

Blaze's most recent release was the album Colton Grundy, released a full 3 years afer his last release. This CD features all of the artists from the last release (Madrox, Monoxide, ABK, and Violent J) and artists Lavel and Esham both had small parts. This album represented Blaze's return to the thugged-out rapping he is known for.

  1. Bump This Shit
  2. Touch of Death
  3. Shotgun
  4. Etched Out
  5. If I Fall
  6. Hey You
  7. Out tha Gate
  8. Stick Ya Hands Up
  9. Further From Truth
  10. Days of My Neighborhood
  11. Bump it Up
  12. Mr. Dead Folx
  13. 2 Many Bitches
  14. Timeline
  15. Climbing

Dark Lotus

In 2000, Blaze was announced as the fifth member of Psychopathic's supergroup Dark Lotus, alongside ICP's Violent J and Shaggy and Twiztid's Madrox and Monoxide. However, Blaze soon left Psychopathic due to personal issues. Esham The Unholy was set to be his replacement.

Later in 2001, Blaze returned to Psychopathic and Esham was booted from Dark Lotus. There were rumors that Anybody Killa would be the sixth member. However, during ICP's Bizzar Bizaar tour, virtual unknown Marz was announced to be the 6th member. Dark Lotus released an album, Tales From the Lotus Pod. Later, in 2002, Marz left, and a the album was reissued, with Anybody Killa replacing Marz.

  1. Intro
  2. Ali-Ba-Ba
  3. Something
  4. I Hurt Myself
  5. Call Upon Your Gods
  6. And We Danced
  7. cigaM kcalB
  8. Gimme Dat Blood
  9. Headache
  10. Bad Rep
  11. Bitch I'm Sexy
  12. Swarm
  13. I Wanna Die
  14. Black Crows
  15. Juggalo Family
  16. .Com

In 2004, Dark Lotus released the album Black Rain, a fan favorite.

  1. Under The Lotus
  2. Black Rain
  3. Kaboom!
  4. That's Me
  5. Consume Your Soul
  6. She Was
  7. Corrosion
  8. My 1st Time
  9. With The Lotus
  10. Hell House
  11. Jump Off
  12. The Walls
  13. Doornail Dorothy
  14. Pass The Axe
  15. Death Don't Want You

In early 2005, Blaze teamed up with his man Anybody Killa and released their first album as Drive By: Pony Down (The Prelude). With it's trunk-rattling heavy bass and old school raps, mixed with a slightly electric-sounding collection of beats, it quickly became a fan favorite.

  1. Hear Us Comin'
  2. The Arrival
  3. Whistle
  4. Pony Down
  5. This High
  6. Hear Me Now
  7. She's Out There
  8. Black Khakis
  9. All I Know
  10. This High (Remix)

In early 2006, Anybody Killa left Psychopathic Records. Will he return to do more albums as Drive By or Dark Lotus? Nobody is sure.

On June 27, 2006, 1 Less G In The Hood: Deluxe G Edition was released. The album was a re-release of Blaze's first two albums on Psychopathic Records, with a few new tracks tacked on. As the original albums were not widely distributed, this gave fans a chance to own them.

  1. Intro 2 Da Hood
  2. Real G Shit
  3. In Case U Forgot
  4. I Go To Work
  5. Put It Down
  6. Grave Ain't No Place
  7. Casket
  8. Juggalo Anthem
  9. Nasty
  10. Maggot Face
  11. Hood Ratz
  12. Hatchet Luv
  13. Saturday Afternoon
  14. Given Half The Chance
  15. U Can't Hurt Me Now
  16. Thug 4 Life
  17. Look Out
  18. Mama I Ain't Changed
  19. Garbage

The Future

So what's next for Blaze Ya Dead Homie? He is preparing to headline his first ever solo tour named the "Tombstone Terror Tour" later this year. Joining him on this tour will be fellow Psychopathic artists Axe Murder Boyz and Boondox. He has also announced that his next full length LP, Clockwork Gray, will be released Halloween 2006.

While the future of fan-favorite bands Dark Lotus and Drive By may be unsure, one thing is certain: the future looks bright for Psychopathic Records' best.

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