Faramir (Prince of Ithilien and Steward of Gondor) was the younger son of Denethor II. He was born in year 2983 of the Third Age and survived his brother, Boromir, living well into Elessar's reign.

Faramir was loved by the people of Gondor. He was captain of the Rangers of Ithilien: cunning, brave, and always the last to retreat. Before Sauron's siege of Minas Tirith, he led the withdrawal into the city; holding a power over his men that even the terror of the Nazgul could not break. It was soon after Boromir's death, and just as the tidings had reached Denethor, that Faramir was wounded by one of The Nine. This was a heavy blow to many, and helped to drive Denethor into madness.

Under the influence of Sauron, Denethor called for a bier and tried to burn himself alive... along with his comatose son. He only succeeded with his own suicide, however, as Faramir was rescued, and aftwards healed by Aragorn. Recuperating in the Houses of Healing, he met and fell in love with Éowyn, shieldmaiden of Rohan. The two were married after the war, when Aragorn (now King Elessar) gave Faramir the title Prince of Ithilien.

Because the King had returned, the Stewards of Gondor would no longer be the ruling party. Faramir kept the title, but dwelt in Ithilien - happily ever after no doubt.

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