born 1 March III 2931 - died IV 120

Son of Arathorn (Chieftan of the Dúnedain) and Gilraen and the Heir of Isildur through thirty-nine generations.

When Aragorn was two his father was slain by Orcs. He and his mother moved to Rivendell to live with Elrond, who became like a second father to Aragorn (in fact Elrond was Aragorn's great^63 (rough estimate) uncle: the Men of the Dúnedain were descended from Elrond's brother Elros Tar-minyatur), who was known among the Elves as Estel, meaning "hope." Through his teenage years Aragorn partook in many adventures with the sons of Elrond. Rivendell is also where he met Arwen Evenstar, his future wife.

Aragorn left Rivendell shortly thereafter and went into the "wild", befriended Gandalf, and "labored in the cause against Sauron." After many long years of this he decided to return to Rivendell for a short rest. He stopped in Lórien along the way and found Arwen there. They decided to wed.

Then the years of the War of the Ring came and past. He became the King of the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor, with Arwen as his Queen. He ruled for a hundred and twenty years until his death, during this time his children were born: Eldarion his son and several daughters that Tolkien did not name.

Aragorn Elessar was laid to rest in the House of the Kings in Minas Tirith with the other great Kings of Men, though none were, nor ever will be, greater than he.

(see J.R.R. Tolkien and read The Lord of the Rings)

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