In the epic saga Lord of the Rings, Legolas was a prince from the elven court of Mirkwood. He was sent to Elrond's council at Rivendell to discuss the darkness that had been rising in the lands of Middle Earth. There he learned of the One Ring and its history. Legolas was selected by the council to represent the elves in the company of the ring and see it safely to the cracks of Mount Doom (as detailed in The Fellowship of the Ring). It was during the company's time in Lothlórien that he and the Dwarf Gimli became fast friends, overriding centuries of distrust between elf and dwarf. When the company split Legolas and Gimli accompanied Aragorn in his battles eventually leading to the Black Gate of Mordor itself. After the death of Aragorn he and Gimli made the long journey to the Undying Lands.

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