Denethor II was the final Steward of Gondor, ruling during the War of the Ring and the Return of the King at the end of the Third Age. His eldest son, Boromir, was returning to Minas Tirith with the Company of the Ring when killed by orcs at Amon Hen.

Meanwhile, Denethor had secretly fallen under the influence of Sauron via a Palantír ("Stone of Seeing") in the tower of Minas Tirith. While the city was under siege, Denethor attempted to burn himself, the Palantír Stone, and his surviving son, Faramir, alive. Faramir was saved, but Denethor was slain and the Palantír rendered useless.

After Denethor's suicide, the siege was broken and Elessar became King, relieving the Stewards and initiating a renaissance in Gondor.

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