Apart from being an acronym for Federation Francaise de Football, is also the name of a French punk/rock band. In their case it stands for Federation Francaise de Funk. They put on a hell of a show at concerts, providing hours of energy and pure funk laced with a couple of rather heavy numbers.

Band Members

Marco Prince - Vocal
Nicholas "Niktus" Baby - Guitar
Yarol Poupaaud - Bass
Krichou Monthieux - Drums
(Igor Nikitinsky - Keyboards)


Blast Culture - 1991
Free for Fever - 1993
FFF - 1996
Vivantes(LIVE) - 1997
Vierge - 2000

Their latest album, Vierge, is mostly in French but includes four tracks in English. The lyrics on the French songs are, however of a clearly superior quality to those in English. Describing the album is hard, but like many other contemporary punk bands sounds much cleaner and more tame than the live performances.

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