Emma Lee Bunton (aka Baby Spice) was born on January 21, 1976, in Finchley, UK. Her parents, Pauline and Trevor, split up when Emma was 11 years old. She was raised by her mother, along with her brother Paul James. Emma also has a half-brother named Robert. Emma's mother was employed as a karate instructor, and Emma herself holds a blue belt in the martial art. Emma's first onstage apperance was when she was three years old, and she went on numerous child modelling assignments for brands like Mothercare and Polly Pocket.

At a later age Emma attended the famous Sylvia Young Drama School in London, while pursuing a career as an actress. She auditioned for the role of Bianca on the popular series Eastenders, but didn't win the role, although she was cast in a bit part on the show. About two years after Emma dropped out of Sylvia Young, a singer named Michelle Stephenson left a newly formed band called Touch, in order to go to university. The four remaining girls in the band immediately decided to look for a replacement, and initially were taken by a cute blonde girl whose personality seemed a perfect fit for the group. The only problem was her name: she was another Melanie (for the unenlightened, the girls already had two Melanies, and didn't want to risk potential confusion from having a third one). Instead, they decided on Emma Bunton as their fifth member, and soon after changed their name to the Spice Girls.

Emma is only 5'2", her favorite color is pink, and her favorite soccer (football) team is Tottenham. Her favorite foods are doughnuts and candy, and her biggest fears are prison and loneliness. She says her ultimate ambition is eating 100 doughnuts in ten minutes. Naturally, her best friend is her mother, Pauline.

Since the demise of the Spice Girls, Emma has released a solo album entitled A Girl Like Me, which NME described as "like Emma...very sweet but, like Emma also, it has no balls". Her very first single off the album ("What Took You So Long?") went straight to number one, where it stayed for two weeks. Her next single, "Take my Breath Away" hit number five on British charts, while her third single, "We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight" only went to number 20.

Solo Disocgraphy:

With the Spice Girls:


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