1993 EP recording by Skid Row, previously released as b-sides to singles from the preceding album, "Slave to the Grind." Each band member chose a cover song to record for such a purpose. The track listing is as follows:

1. Psycho Therapy, chosen by bassist Rachel Bolan, originally recorded by The Ramones. Rachel Bolan performs the lead vocals on this track.

2. C'mon and Love Me, chosen by guitarist Dave "the Snake" Sabo, originally recorded by Kiss.

3. Delivering the Goods, chosen by vocalist Sebastian Bach, originally recorded by Judas Priest. This track was recorded live in Phoenix, AZ, and features Rob Halford.

4. What You're Doing, chosen by drummer Rob Affuso, originally recorded by Rush.

5. Little Wing, chosen by guitarist Scotti Hill, originally recorded by Jimi Hendrix.

This little record actually stands up pretty well for what it is. The eclectic mix makes a strong statement that people who think of Skid Row as just another goofy 80's band are really selling both the band and themselves short.

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