ELSA is a high end German video card company. They use primarily nVidia graphics chipsets. Of all the nVidia based cards I've had, ELSA's are far and above the rest in regards to reliability, speed, and drivers. My only problems have been with crappy ADDA fans attached to my ELSA cards.

"Elsa" is a female given name, originally found in German-speaking and Scandinavian countries as a diminutive form of "Elizabeth."

The name "Elsa" first rose to fame in the rest of the world as the name of the bride in Richard Wagner's 1850 opera Lohengrin. Wagner's Elsa was the first bride to march to the famous wedding march officially known as the Bridal Chorus, but better known as "Here Comes the Bride," which was written for the opera.

For a while in the mid-20th century the best known "Elsa" was the lioness from the popular British book Born Free and the 1966 hit movie of the same name.

Of course the most famous "Elsa" in the world today and perhaps forever after is the princess in Disney's 2013 smash animated musical Frozen.

"Elsa" was the 528th most popular name for baby girls born in the United States in 2013, but is almost certain to skyrocket up the rankings in future years.

Other famous people named "Elsa" include:

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