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1 Sixtus (person) mauler writeup
2 Matthew (person) xunker writeup
3 Moe (person) Tem42 writeup
4 Moe (person) mauler writeup
5 Yolanda (person) Tem42 writeup
6 Michael (person) Dialogue writeup
7 Watanabe (person) mauler writeup
8 Lucius (person) mauler writeup
9 Praenomen (thing) EliteGrunt writeup
10 Eric (person) eric+ writeup
11 Augusta (lede) The Debutante writeup
12 Kylie (person) mauler writeup
13 Kyle (thing) furtheraway writeup
14 Dick (idea) Tem42 writeup
15 Mateo (person) Tem42 writeup
16 Richard   e2node
17 Ralph (person) Eco writeup
18 Women are gradually stealing all male names (idea) mauler writeup
19 Witherspoon (person) Tem42 writeup
20 Nielsen (thing) DearestDane writeup
21 Sasha (person) Albert Herring writeup
22 Andrew   e2node
23 John Nokes (person) Tem42 writeup
24 Jayden (idea) mauler writeup
25 Melinda (thing) mauler writeup
26 Elaine (person) mauler writeup
27 Kermit (thing) Tem42 writeup
28 Franklin (thing) Clockmaker writeup
29 Elsa (person) mauler writeup
30 Mildred (person) mauler writeup
31 Jacob (idea) ignis_glaciesque writeup
32 Gilbert (thing) Tem42 writeup
33 Juelz (thing) Tem42 writeup
34 Snodgrass (person) Tem42 writeup
35 Moya (person) Nemosyn writeup
36 Satsuki (thing) mauler writeup
37 Desmond (person) Tem42 writeup
38 Mona (thing) Tem42 writeup