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2006, September: Checked in here very briefly, with no time to do much of anything. However, I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have sent messages of encouragement by various means from time to time. If ever I take up the noding pen again, it will be in large measure thanks to your kindness.

2005, September: Update for anyone who still drops by here from time to time: Recently I got a good job with decent pay at a great company which might have a bright future. For now this means I'm too busy to node. If all goes well (and I'm determined to make sure all will go well at this job) eventually I'll get past the learning curve and perhaps have both the excess of free time and the excess of self-esteem required to write here.

Back by popular demand: the "Orange Grove" ekw color scheme. To try it, copy the teeny tiny text below, visit the ekw Scheme Cannery, and paste into the edit window. You might want to save your existing color scheme first, just in case.

ekw_alinkcolor="#80a0ff"; ekw_bgcolor="#004000";
ekw_linkcolor="#ff8020"; ekw_logoaccenttext="#20d050";
ekw_logobackground="#307000"; ekw_logoborder="#20d050";
ekw_logofontsize="17pt"; ekw_logomaintext="#ff8020";
ekw_monofontsize="9pt"; ekw_oddrowcolor="#407000";
ekw_textcolor="#fff5f2"; ekw_textfont="Arial, sans-serif";
ekw_textfontsize="12px"; ekw_vlinkcolor="#80a040";

Actually I don't know whether ekw color schemes still work or not.