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I would put something interesting here, but it seems that I don't have anything by that nature.

Update : Jun 29th, 2001
I still don't have any redeeming qualities about myself.

Update : Jun 24th, 2005
E2 is full of elitist pricks I mean, hello again, I'm way too lazy to node anymore. If you'll notice, most of my notes are of the "encyclopaedia" variety. Since Wikipedia became reality a few years ago, I will happily post there if I ever even remotely feel like doing anything node-like, and let y'all have your silly leveling system. I'm actually not really sure if all of you are elitist pricks or not, it just seemed that way back in... uh... 2001 or 2 or 3 or whenever I noded last.

Music is overrated. Lots of people hate that node, so they like softlinking not-at-all polite things to it. Zealots. Ah well. I guess that's something. I have no musical appreciation.