Adda makes fans. They apparantly stole technology from Sunonwealth. Sunonwealth has sued ADDA. Enter Creative and nVidia. They use ADDA fans on their 3D video cards. Sunonwealth sues both Creative and nVidia. Why can they do this? Well, because both companies are knowingly using stolen technology, even if they didn't steal the technology themselves. Will Sunonwealth with the suit against Creative and nVidia? No way in hell. Does it matter? No. To avoid legal problems, Creative and nVidia will simply stop using ADDA fans. So, I guess Sunonwealth does win.

As a side note, my ELSA graphics card has an ADDA fan on it (model AP4512MX-G90). This fan just died. Now, I need to find a replacement. Kinda makes you wonder exactly what technology they stole. Every ADDA fan I've ever had dies after 6 months of operation.

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