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Hi there! I’m new here and I was wondering at what level can users become an editor?

Gentle noder, that’s a really great question. I think a lot of new noders may wonder the same thing. Users don’t become editors by making a level. The administration invites users who they think would make an asset to the group. They are chosen for the job for a great variety of reasons. Noding well and noding often, professional experience, talent and being willing make good use of suggestions about their work, as well as a willingness to offer positive suggestions and helpful ideas to others about writing. I’m sure there are many more.

This is kind of confusing. Is there a difference between plagiarism and copyright?

There is a lot to confuse between the two that’s for sure. Copyrighted work is usually work done by an author who may or hopes to make a living from the writing. Plagiarism is when someone takes someone else’s ideas and claims credit for it.

Is it still plagiarism if I copy the work and cite the sources?

Yes it’s plagiarism. Even if the sentences are put in a different order and the sources are cited it’s still taking someone’s work without their permission. And if the author has copyrighted the page now it’s plagiarism and copyright infringement. Since the E2 copyright changes copyrighted work is no longer allowed to be submitted unless the author has given permission.

So how can I avoid plagiarizing ?

The simple answer is to put the information you want to write about in your own words. Here are several ideas that you may find helpful.

  • Read through all of the material and take a break. In the back of your mind let the information simmer until *ding* it’s done!
  • Find someone to tell it to, or say it to yourself out loud. Add your personality to the mix and viola! You have created a collection of ideas that you want to write about.
  • Sometimes writers come to a paragraph that’s just too irresistible. It’s a must have for the write up! That’s okay. Make sure it’s less than one third of the write up, credit your source and it’ll be fine.
  • Sometimes the information is what the writer wants to include but has a hard time putting into their own words. Many text editor s have a thesaurus. Using it will help move the ideas along into your own words.
  • Exchanging the subject and predicate of a sentence will inspire more words about the topic.
  • Rearranging the order of information is a useful idea too.
Here’s an example. This is a biography of poet Michael Ondaatje:

    Michael Ondaatje was born on September 12, 1943 in Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). The son of Mervyn Ondaatje and Doris Gratiaen, prominent members among the inhabitants of what once comprised Ceylon's colonial society. Mervyn Ondaatje was a tea and rubber-plantation superintendent who was afflicted with alcoholism. Doris Gratiaen performed part-time as a radical dancer, inspired by Isadora Duncan. As a result of his father's alcoholism, Ondaatje’s parents eventually driftrd aparts and by 1954 he moved to England with his mother.
    (Source: Michael Ondaatje:

Here is the same paragraph in my own words. Note that the same source was cited so it’s clear I’m not claiming this as my research on Mr. Ondaatje’s life :

    Michael Ondaatje is the son of an overseer of plantation that produced primarily tea and rubber. His mother was a part time dancer who adored and emulated Isadora Duncan. Both were well-respected residents of Colombo, Ceylon and were an integral part of its colonial culture. Known as Sri Lanka today Ondaatje was born there on September 12, 1943. Unfortunately his father suffered from alcoholism and by the time Ondaatje was nineteen his parents had separated. Both he and his mother then moved to the United Kingdom.
    (Source: Michael Ondaatje:
There you go! The sentences and grammar are smooth reading and it all makes sense. The order of information has been changed. A date has been translated into Ondaatje’s age. Parentheses have been removed and the information has been incorporated into the summary. I even snuck in a small personal trademark of alliteration. It takes practice and time so- be patient with yourself. Eventually it will become easier as your writing skills develop.
The Copyright Salvage Team took a look at fourteen write-ups that were submitted between April 11 and June 10, 2004. Congratulations to SansPoint, ch'i-lin, heyoka and bigmouth_strikes whose write ups passed with flying colors! I hope you'll consider dropping by their write ups and offer them your kudos for a job well done.

That’s all for now! Happy noding Gentle Noders.

The Great Game of Deletions

A great many nodes are dying very violently all the time. The best days for such violent deaths are Tuesdays. They are the yellow paint days. Saturdays are second best — or worst. Saturdays are red paint days. The Great Game of Deletions is therefore a contest between red paint days and yellow paint days. So far yellow paint days are winning by thirty-one hundred deletions to twenty-nine hundred. Whatever the color, a violent death is always celebrated by a firework.

Combined into a single entry, an enumeration of my May and June editorial activities. In addition to this listing, I counseled a number of noders on their WUs, either drafts on their scratch pads or posted WUs, on the range of issues from spelling and typos to word-smithing and structure. I undertake this record to aid my own waning memory and attest to my attentions.

    those that have just broken a flower vase, those that resemble flies from a distance, embalmed ones, those that are trained, suckling pigs, mermaids (deletions)
  • bowel disruptor by bitter_engineer superseded, barely
  • December 8, 2002 by bindlenix at the noder’s request
  • Dream Log: October 20, 2003 and Bluebird Theatre by RoyHoo33 at the noder's request
  • hypergraphia by Seqram unecessary addition
  • Pit of Sarlac by trak3r and mattk incorrect, the Sarlacc lives in the Great Pit of Carkoon and is not a yak
  • HCHS by fb10101 at the request of the noder, superseded by Hunter College High School
  • knock up by themilkman three word WUs aren’t appreciated
  • Anime News Site Test by JPrismon it was only a test
  • Survivor: The Winner by Infinity a long time ago this mattered
  • Eternal Arcadia by Muggs replaced by firmlink to Skies of Arcadia
  • Umojan Proctorate by ByrnedHead we don’t need WUs on all the factions of Starcraft
  • Neo Tokyo by ByrnedHead perhaps the worst piece of music description I’ve read here
  • What is a one-ended line? by a new noder referred to the FAQs and other appropriate readings
  • self-referential argument by ameriwire added nothing to the understanding of self-reference in regards to itself, Everything2, or life in general; contained an invalid assertion regarding the author of GEB
  • revenge by HerMan and Nene and derg741 spare us the examples
  • Messing with the sleeping guy by anotherone and a nameless newbie spare us the sexamples
  • The Jolly Rawger's Cookbook: Home Statectomy by BluePlanet excise the stupidity
  • May 29, 2004 by Nymph-O at the noder’s request
  • doublethink by JoeBaldwin nothing of consequence
  • dorm marriage by brain at the noder’s request, who had moved it to his WU Reed College
  • How to fight and kick ass by DJuxtaposition at the noder’s request
  • Debbie Gibson by IronGoth parochial assumptions about a favorite celebrity
  • What the hell happens to E2 at 2:15am PDT? by ferrouslepidoptera outdated, although the other two WUs in this node are technical and humorous, so will remain
  • Charles Bukowski Is Dead by shok! “This line is a Bukowski quote, although from where alludes me at the moment.”
  • free(beer) by Magenta the application of coding/programming grammar to English statements does not make them more humorous or interesting
  • Kermit and Big Bird stoned by apegirl25 so gave me the giggles hella bad I almost couldn’t delete it
  • Victims of the Smiley Ass by anotherone it is better to put information on fictional clubs and characers in the WU for that fiction
  • Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thrakka by Ben Figgin we don’t need WUs for every character in the WH40K universe
  • Lucky Strike by devreality baseless pre-urban legend
  • Lucky Strike by ixs advertising campaign description
  • Lucky Strike by solitude baseless anecdotal, low low rep/li>
  • Big Beautiful Woman by Shanoyu replaced by firmlink
  • June 3, 2004 by Little Suspicious at the noder’s request
  • Procrastination (index) by Miles_Dirac at the noder’s request
  • good reasons to avoid decapitation by sKorno a misplaced repetition of lifespan of a beheaded head
  • A story about 'magic' by asqui noded as an appendix to the Jargon File, A Story About Magic
  • Power Geyser by Southtown_Bouncer no one wants to read an entry for the special moves of characters in fighting games
  • DMG and Abotel Palmon Opera by gitm at the noder’s request
  • Hello.jpg by Vorxnyx discussion of a specific website now long gone
  • Super ball by Vorxnyx not particularly funny
  • Huzzah by Codger and Trippin and Vorxnyx it’s an exclamation used by many people with a less than finely-tuned sense of anachronism, but we don’t need a listing
  • School Kids Records by emv and Vorxnyx dated one-liners about some record store omewhere
  • T. Herman Zweibel by kessenich a responsorial WU from yore
  • i didn't like you anyway by Phoebe Caulfield lyrics
  • Dawson's Creek by display name at the noder’s request
  • Santa Monica High School by a new noder please do not post WUs ending with “more to follow tomorrow”, despite your best intentions, tomorrow remains tomorrow
  • Monkeys on the Moon, C'mon Jesus, Sleazy Street, Sneaky Smith, Fazon, Battle of New Orleans, and Upon the Sight of a Beautiful Picture by Blue_Bellied_Lizard at the noder's request
  • Döner kebab by TAFKAH and -brazil- superseded
  • Shawarma by Prionux replaced by firmlink
  • Pro Tools by Protohiro superseded
  • Qanareqi by TheChronicler at the noder’s request
  • Adapting literary works for film and television by Bacchon writeup does not mean reply, and HHGG is scarcely a literary work or a mindfuck
  • A woman has the last word by edgardeat the noder’s request
  • enable by deep thought superseded
  • Make-A-Circus by oakling at the noder’s request
  • Final Fantasy XI (thing) by [Frisina superseded now that the game has been released and a WU written by someone who has played it
  • about:mozilla by Glaurung, Lethal, and benjya all represented at Book of Mozilla
  • Book of Mozilla by Palfrey low rep, add-on
  • Ulysses by Wazzer pulled in its entirety from the BBC <>
  • First American website, This American Life Episode Guide, 1996, This American Life Episode Guide, 1997, How to avoid tomorrow, January 2, 2004, January 3, 2004, Castles in the Air, and Q55 Bus by Pint all at the noder’s request
  • quid pro quo by SgtCoolGuy superseded
  • blue milk by mattbw impotentmonkey, and ansate all were recollections of a neglibile bit of regional childhood trivia
  • Middle school and High school social oppression by ukyoCE, fozzy, Mr. Frog, DeusNoctis, and CheeseDanish these were either plans for retaliation or GTKY; I'd like tos ee a socialogical discussion of why there is such clique-based repression in middle and high schools, but no one has contributed it yet; I left the Dman WU because it might provdie answers to the inevitable question, What ever happened to Dman?
  • Ptolemy by Thoth_Ptolemy "And now Thoth_Ptolemy plans recapture Egypt and eventually THE WORLD!!!"
  • El Capitan, Yosemite, Performa, and DOSCard by Thoth_Ptolemy dated relics from E1
  • DOSCard by STrRedWolf dated
  • Weird facts about famous people by Attache, Tem42, tftv256, fiddlesticks, Lobsang Rampa we've been trying to move away from the bathroom reader sort of entry for some time now
  • Hell ramen by Zxaos while KoL is an amusing game, we dediced long ago against using E2 for cataloging games
  • Instructions for drive-thru ATM by damned it's difficult to write original sexist humor these days, but we still don't accept cut-and-pastes from other websites
  • Nutopia by lunarius cut and paste with no context or commentary
  • Never Toss an Adept's Apartment by Dreamchild plot points independant of story
  • Postmodern Magick by Dreamchild a book review does not repeat the blurbs found on the covers of the book
  • waynesburg by simon107 moved to Waynesburg, Pennsylvania by the noder
  • Conservative Correctness by Saige, posthumous, DMan, and jonesmd annals of the E2 Debating Society

Debo a la conjunción de un espejo y de una encyclopedia el descubrimiento de Uqbar.

The opening pastiche is based on a narration from Peter Greenaway's Drowning by Numbers.

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