Ah, sweet, sweet hypergraphia. The patron disorder of Everything. A friend and lifetime companion to many a noder and blogger.

Well, good ol' Webby hasn't given us a definition, so here's the short form version - hypergraphia is excessive writing. That's it. Of course, the exact definition of 'excessive' is entirely subjective; how do you seperate a true-blue manic-depressive with hypergraphia from a depressed teenager with a diary? It's not easy.

Well, when it comes with a group of other extremely subjective symptoms, all with the prefix hyper- (hypersexuality, hyperreligiosity, hypersensitivity, hyperaggressiveness, etc., etc.), it's often a sign of TLE - temporal lobe epilepsy, a condition that is still under heavy research. Some researchers claim that nearly every human has some form of TLE - a sense of 'deja vu' is a very slight epileptic attack, they say. And, besides, TLE is often linked to 'genius', which is ill-defined in the first place, so often times, it's claimed that this writer or that artist suffered from hypergraphia and TLE just because they liked to express themselves.

Here's an utterly incomplete list of people that are supposed to have suffered from hypergraphia, and possibly TLE. Bear in mind the subjectivity of the list; any one of these may be wrong. Except the last one.

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