It's time once again for our
ultra-fresh e2 Secret Santa 2008 extravaganza!

I have gone temporarily insane, and The Debutante is moving, so I am organising our Secret Santa this year!
There's no limit on spending, but keep in mind that everyone loves special home-made stuff.
I encourage participants to put something in your homenode to help your secret santa along.
This is all about having fun and I want everyone to have a good time!

How it works:

  • You must sign up from today until October 31, 2008. Sign-up is closed! Sorry, come back next year.
  • Your target will be assigned to you by November 6, 2008. Everyone's assignments have been sent!
  • Gifts must be mailed off by December 6, 2008! If you can't send anything, please tell me! Don't disappear and not say anything, or I will have to add you to the Naughty list.
  • Think good thoughts!
  • If you aren't frightened away by now, you email me at and I'll add you to the list! (but please read what you need to send me first)
  • Our usergroup is e2ss2k8, which will be used for announcements.
  • If you have any questions, just /msg or email me.

Sign-up information (complete this and email it to me):

  • Your username:
  • The name you want to appear on the package:
  • An alternate email address, if any:
  • Your address where you can receive a christmas-time package:
  • Any special delivery instructions:
  • Would you like to be a back-up?:
  • Is there anything you would or wouldn't like to receive?:
  • Anything else I need to know? Anyone you'd rather not send a gift to—I will keep this to myself.

The list so far:

  1. RPGeek—sent! and received!
  2. BlackPawn—sent! and received!
  3. wuukiee—sent! and received!
  4. Fairyplain—sent!
  5. Froggenhoffen
  6. mauler—sent! and received!
  7. OldMiner—sent! and received!
  8. Cordyceps—sent! and received!
  9. joer—sent! and received!
  10. SharQ—sent!
  11. Whiskeydaemon—sent! and received!
  12. Swap
  13. Ian
  14. kevi—sent!
  15. gwenllian—sent! and received!
  16. The Lush—sent! and received!
  17. Kizor—sent! and received!
  18. Dichotomyboi—sent! and received!
  19. Angela—sent! and received!
  20. Donginger—sent! and received!
  21. Senso—sent! and received!
  22. Nadine_2—sent!
  23. acorn_hands—sent! and received!
  24. libertas—sent! and received!
  25. futilelord—sent!
  26. Junkill—sent! and received!
  27. Focus—sent!
  28. Segnbora-t—sent! and received!
  29. Andromache01—sent! and received!
  30. sloebertje—sent! and received!
  31. Oolong—sent! and received!
  32. The Debutante—sent!
  33. Dimview—sent! and received!
  34. Andrew Aguecheek—sent! and received!
  35. GhettoAardvark—sent! and received!
  36. DTal —sent! and received!
  37. moosemanmoo—sent! and received!

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