In the fantasy novels of Rick Cook, a powerful elf duke who took an interest in Wiz Zumwalt, the Cupertino programmer summoned to the magical World. Aelric was a tall, graceful, being with silver hair, pointed ears, blue eyes, and pale skin, and always dressed impeccably. His underground palace was located within the Wild Wood, though its exact location is indeterminate.

Aelric first extended his hospitality to Wiz and Moira as they fled trolls and Dire Beasts deep in the Wild Wood. They dined with the elf duke that night, spent the night, and, in the morning, continued on towards Heart's Ease.

Wiz encountered Aelric a second time while traveling through the Wild Wood with five Brownies fleeing from the destruction of their home. He dined that night with Aelric and Lisella, where he learned both of Lisella's attempts to kill him and the growing unrest among magical creatures against mortals. Wiz tried to walk the Wizard's Way back to the Capital from just outside Aelric's hill the next morning, but was intercepted by remnants of the Dark League. Aelric later sent his image to the Wizard's Keep to find Wiz; he was unsuccessful, but told Bal-Simba and others of the coming war. Moira traveled to Aelric's hill to seek his help in finding Wiz, but Aelric demurred, being not only unwilling but unable to locate him.

After the appearance of Craig Scott and Mikey Baker, Aelric was sufficiently concerned to visit the Wizard's Keep in person to offer assistance to Wiz and his fellow programmers, by providing them with the pattern for the "key" to close the gateway to their "bubble world." Jerry Andrews recognized the key shape as a fractal, and from that they determined the need for a supercomputer to generate the total shape. In the final battle for Caermort, Aelric fought against the Ur-Elves and Mikey, their servant; though the battle was ultimately won, he was grievously injured, and died shortly thereafter, as Lisella had prophesied.

Sources: Rick Cook, Wizard's Bane, The Wizardry Compiled, The Wizardry Cursed

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