A male Chaotic Good Dark Elf of Forgotten Realms fame. He is a 16th level Ranger, who is a renegade from his homeland of Menzoberranzan. His most prized possession is a figurine of wonderous power of an onyx panther named Guenhwyvar. He was created by R.A. Salvatore in the Dark Elf trilogy.

A real pain in the ass to defeat in Baldur's Gate. Most players are willing to take the risk and the reputation loss to gain his three incredible weapons, but he's basically impervious to magical attacks and moves like the wind. The preferred method is generally to zap him with a wand of monster summoning as many times as you possibly can to keep him in one place, and then murder him at ease with archers. It's still difficult, but worth it.

The main character in R.A. Salvatore's books: "The Dark Elf Trilogy", "The Icewind Dale Trilogy", "The Legacy", "Starless Night", "Siege of Darkness", "Passage to Dawn" and "The Silent Blade." He has two scimitars: Twinkle (A Defender scimitar that glows blue when enemies are near, this was given to him by one of the Harpells) and a Frostbrand (taken from a cave in the Icewind Dale where he helped Wulfgar fight an Ice Dragon, it also helped him kill the demon, Errtu). He is a ranger of Mielikki who appears as a Unicorn. He was trained under Zaknafein (his father) and Mooshie (a blind man). Drizzt also trained Wulfgar to fight in the Icewind Dale Trilogy. He has violet eyes (which is uncommon in Dark Elves) and all the other features of a Drow (white hair, dark skin, pointy ears). His arch-nemesis is Artemis Entreri.

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