Wulfgar is a character from the Icewind Dale trilogy. He is a tall, muscled barbarian with blonde hair and is wielder of Aegis-Fang. At the beginning of the trilogy ( The Crystal Shard ), he is a young man banded with tribes of nomadic barbarians in the Icewind Dale. Soon later, when the villagers of Ten Cities go to war against the barbarian tribes who lose, he becomes Bruenor Battlehammer's pseudo-slave. Later on, as he works as an apprentice blacksmith to Bruenor (and gives up his hate for the people of Ten Cities), he befriends Drizzt Do'Urden and Bruenor adopts Wulfgar as his pseudo-son.

Under the tutelage of Drizzt, he becomes a master of Aegis Fang. Later on in the Drizzt novels, he falls in love with Cattie-Brie (who is Bruenor's adopted daughter and bearer of Taulmaril). Unfortunately, shortly after their engagement, Wulfgar dies in the battle of Mirthril Hall.

During his life though, he was remembered by many of the barbarian tribes of the Icewind Dale as he united them and restored honour to the tribes. And when he died, Aegis-Fang was a monumental weapon of great idolatry to the barbarian peoples.

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