The dream's start was really jumbled like a box full of broken glass. People working and living in a storefront that led into a shopping mall were devolving into people of previous decades and centuries. When the dream proper had begun, these poor souls were in the mid nineteenth century.

In waking life I currently have a Volkswagen but before that I had an old Pontiac junker. I was walking back to my old junker using my current keys for the locks and ignition when a woman called out to me. A thin girl who I recognized from work with bright bleach-blonde hair without roots wearing denim. She invited me, her treat, to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I couldn't say no and we drove off to the theater. My hopes and mood were rising because when she got into the passenger seat she pressed her left leg firmly against mine and she didn't mind when I pressed back at her.

Seconds later we're driving back from the theater and I'm thinking "I can't remember anything about the movie! Did we even go?" The radio's clock showed it was two hours later. I hoped a Vorlon would show up and wheeze "You have a hole in your mind."

"Did I fall asleep at the movies?"
She nodded to me. "I had to carry you in because you conked out in the lobby."
I could tell she was steamed as she got out of the car. "That's the last time I ever use you as a ghoul!"

Feeling despondant I went back home and decided I was going to bore everyone with an Everything2 day log. When I tried to start one the website kept asking me to put in the day's date. For the life of me I couldn't think of the date and wondered if I was still asleep and dreaming of this. I had proof in seconds when I saw that my dopey write-ups were each chinged about seven or eight times.

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