How many people have said this at some point in their lives?

This statement is, to me, an attempt to change something that's ingrained in our nature. We love to talk about what other people are doing. From who's seeing who to who's got health problems, people love to talk about it. Asking someone not to talk about others, not to communicate ideas and relationships, is like asking someone not to breath. The phrase arises because we fear something bad might be said about us. But so what? People will say bad things about you, they'll say good things, they'll say things that aren't either. But people always talk about other people. It's the foundation of gossip, and of news. It's human nature.

"A good friend stabs you in the front" - Oscar Wilde

One should not say things about others, if they can't say it to their face. There is a difference of being respectful enough to avoid social unrest, and plain two-faced behavior. I don't mind others talking about me, as long as they are upfront about it, or at least will own up to their comments. I try to do the same. Although I am human, at times I can be catty.

I also am guilty of gossip. Ophie and I could sit and talk for hours. This is pretty harmless. I don't condone the spreading of rumors, mis-truths, things said to hurt people, or the divulging of someone else's personal information. That is malicious and unacceptable.

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