Recurring Saturday Night Live sketch, starring Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon. Every show opens with Will Ferrell's character, David Larry banging on a snare drum in a tat tat tat-tat-tat tat-tat-tat-tat pattern, and he and Miss Colleen, played by Molly Shannon, shouting, "Dog Show!".

Both Miss Colleen and David Larry "don't like most people," and have a great fondness for small dogs. Although they are married, David claims that he is a homosexual, and both he and Miss Colleen have "separate bedrooms, separate baths".

David Larry and Miss Colleen are constantly accompanied by their dogs on the show. Miss Colleen's dog, named Rocky Balboa, is a miniature poodle dressed up in a red wizard's costume consisting of pointy hat and cape, both festooned with stars. Rocky Balboa is rumoured to be able to perform magic. David Larry's dog is named Mr. Bojangles, and I'm not sure what breed of dog he is. Although Mr. Bojangles is a girl, David Larry gave her a boy's name, because he is "playing a trick on her."

I'm very fond of these sketches, partly because of the shouting, partly because of the just plain goofy tone of the sketches. One of SNL's better efforts.

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