Up until last year, the bane of professional wrestling fans throughout North America.

For two weeks each year, the World Wrestling Federation's premier show, Monday Night RAW, would be bumped from its usual 9 PM (EST) timeslot on the USA cable channel for the Westminster Dog Show.  They'd usually air RAW later, at midnight or so.  As a result, only around half of the usual viewing audience would tune in.  Knowing this, WWF officials usually wouldn't book anything important for these shows--they wanted to save big stuff for when the most people were watching.

For the first couple of years of RAW's existence, it wouldn't come close to the Nielsen ratings that the dog show received.  As wrestling surged in popularity, however, RAW started to get average ratings of 5.0-6.0 by 1998, while the stupid dog show still only pulled in 2.0-2.5.  And yet, RAW was still cancelled every year (while still doing better than the dog show by pulling in 3.0-4.0 in the later time slot).

It kind of became a sick joke, with WWF announcers making fun of the dog show during broadcasts.  Some wrestling fans on the Internet also would write parody reviews of the Westminster Dog Show in the same format as online reviews of WWF events, giving ratings to the various "matches" and complaining tongue-in-cheek about how obvious it was that it was all fixed.

The conflict was finally resolved in late 2000, when the WWF moved RAW from USA to TNN.

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