There were three men in a village that were known to solve any problems that people brought them.

One of the men was a Laghmani, and was therefore a very quick thinker. Another was from Kandahar - a very shrewd businessman. The last was very old and wise, a Sufi from Herat.

One day, a man brought his dog to the three men, saying, "I've been trying to train this dog for a month, and it's so stupid it won't even learn to sit-stay-come."

The quick man immediately said, "We should first teach the dog to read. Then you could write it instructions to study, until it learns correctly."

The shrewd man said, "You could write a book for dogs, and get rich selling that book to other people with the same problem."

The wise man paused, stroked his beard, then finally said, "The dog can only be taught if he wants to learn. If he wants to learn to read, he will ask a teacher."

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