I don't often feel intelligent.

I'm not smart. I'm really fucking not. I'm scatter-brained, easily distracted, I procrastinate like crazy-- at this very moment, I have open two word documents, two PDF files, and thirteen different tabs, the majority of which are study material for a ten page term paper I was in the middle of writing before I got the urge to write this log. The paper is due ten AM tomorrow morning and is worth 20% of my grade. I put everything off until the last second, it takes me a couple tries to memorize things, I stutter and stammer and I say stupid stuff and do stupid things.

Yeah, sometimes in class I'll understand things the prof is saying immediately and have to twiddle my thumbs for ten minutes while other people are asking blindingly obvious questions, and I have to be really sympathetic with them and agree on how difficult the tests are and how the prof is a hard grader as I hide my 90% scores from view, but I am not an intelligent person.

So I guess the fact that I'm gonna be graduating with Cum Laude honors in a month just shows how far the educational system has fallen.

But I get a neat medallion out of it to wear at commencement, so that's cool!

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