Triumph was created by comic genius Robert Smigel for Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He also created SNL's TV Funhouse bits, Fun With Real Audio and The Ambiguously Gay Duo. He now has a Comedy Central show called TV Funhouse. Triumph, the character, is a dog who likes to insult people. But he's really classy and sports a gold bow tie and smokes a cigar. As stated above, his favorite insult is along the lines of: "Yes, I really love your hair, Conan O'Brien....FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!" Triumph's first appearence on the show was in connection with the Westminister Dog Show. He went around interviewing trainers and their dogs and humping them as well. Technically, Triumph is a very sad dog puppet that fits on one hand. A crappy bow tie is usually taped to his neck. If an appendage is needed it's provided in the form of a dog arm on a stick. There is absolutely no attempt whatsoever to make this look realistic. Smigel also does the TV monitor interviews on Conan's show that have the same realism to the wind attitude.

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