Oh lord. There is nothing, repeat, nothing better than Dick's. If you ever go to Seattle, stop here. They only serve the following burgers: Hamburger (ketchup, a little mustard, meat and bread), Cheeseburger (ketchup, a little mustard, meat, cheese and bread), Special (ketchup, a little mustard, tartar sauce, meat, cheese and bread), and the ultimate, the Deluxe (ketchup, a little mustard, tartar sauce, meat * 2, cheese and bread).

Get one or more of the above, a bag of fries (one size) (these are the fawking bomb; if you wait more than 5 minutes, you will be able to see through the bag as a result of all the grease. You scoop them out of the bag rather than eating individual fries), and a shake. It will rock your ass.

This is less a restaurant than a Seattle tradition. Dick's is consistently busy, at all 4 location, at all times during the day (Dick's is open until 2 at night). The clientele is a flawless cross-section of Seattle; Bill Gates often gets Dick's (in fact, there was an interview on national TV where he took the interviewer to the Queen Anne Dick's).

In addition to serving killer junk food, Dick's is likely one of the best fast food employers. People working at Dick's make more than minimum wage, get benefits, and Dick's pays for them to go to college. This is not just the managers; this is the fry cooks and cashiers.

A cautionary note: don't try to special order your burger at Dick's. You will be shot down. "Hold the mayo" is not in the restaurant's vocabulary. However, as cheap as the food is, you could probably afford the extra time it takes to scrape any offending substances off with a napkin.

There are actually 5 Dick's locations in Seattle.

Dick's Drive-In was established by a 29-year old Dick Spady, and the first location opened on January 28, 1954 (at 111 NE 45th St).

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