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QA actually consists of two pretty distinct neighborhoods, Upper Queen Anne and Lower Queen Anne. It's between Fremont to the north and Belltown to the south.

Upper Queen Anne

Primarily residential, with a small commercial area consisting of boutique shops and cafes. The crowd ranges from rich types who drive New Beetles to...well, actually, that's pretty much it. I like to refer to Upper Queen Anne as the Eastside of Seattle. Lovely area, but if you want to live on the south side, with the view of Puget Sound, expect to pay through the nose on rent. On the north side, it's a mostly middle-class neighborhood, plus some apartment buildings with manageable rents for the SPU students.

attractions: The view on the Counterbalance as you head down to lower queen anne. The sound, ferries coming in and out, the shipyards, the city...very picturesque.

Lower Queen Anne

For a short time, there was an effort to rename this part of Queen Anne; it would probably work, since this area is completely different than Upper QA. It has much more commerce than Upper Queen Anne, and a completely different feel -- while Upper QA feels like a residential area with some shops on the main drag, Lower QA feels like the downtown of a smaller city. This area is what I think of when I think of Seattle. It's got all the Seattle Trademarks: A Dick's, lots of confusing one way streets that are hard to get around the first time you try to navigate them, and Seattle Center.

attractions: Seattle CenterDick's

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