Oh lord. There is nothing, repeat, nothing better than Dick's. If you ever go to Seattle, stop here. They only serve the following burgers: Hamburger (ketchup, a little mustard, meat and bread), Cheeseburger (ketchup, a little mustard, meat, cheese and bread), Special (ketchup, a little mustard, tartar sauce, meat, cheese and bread), and the ultimate, the Deluxe (ketchup, a little mustard, tartar sauce, meat * 2, cheese and bread).

Get one or more of the above, a bag of fries (one size) (these are the fawking bomb; if you wait more than 5 minutes, you will be able to see through the bag as a result of all the grease. You scoop them out of the bag rather than eating individual fries), and a shake. It will rock your ass.

This is less a restaurant than a Seattle tradition. Dick's is consistently busy, at all 4 location, at all times during the day (Dick's is open until 2 at night). The clientele is a flawless cross-section of Seattle; Bill Gates often gets Dick's (in fact, there was an interview on national TV where he took the interviewer to the Queen Anne Dick's).