Irish Eurovision Song Contest winner in 1970 with the song All kinds of everything.

Dana was born Rosemary Brown and brought up by devout Catholic parents in Derry city. Dana claims she experienced a religious awakening at the age of six when kneeling in front of a statue of Christ. Her singing talents were noticed and she was chosen to represent Ireland in the Eurovision song contest in 1969. She came second. The following year she tried again and beat the Mary Hopkins of England and Julio Iglesias of Spain to the top spot. Her pretty and innocent demeanour, as well as the nursery rhyme like song earned her fame throughout Europe.

Dana had more hits during the seventies (including 'everything is beautiful' perhaps she is a secret noder ). She celebrated the Pope's arrival to Ireland with the unlikely smash hit Totus Tuus. Since then she has moved to Birmingham, Alabama and appeared on a Catholic network hosting her own show. She is known for her pro-life views. She famously stood in the Irish presidential elections.

Israeli slang (military) for small truck.

Originated when the IDF started using small trucks made by “International”. Dana International is a famous Israeli singer, and saying “International” every time you were referring to a truck which wasn’t a “MAN” or “Mercedes” was rather annoying.

So it became mostly “Dana” some people use the term “Inter” instead

Also another name for Danu, the Earth goddess/mother goddess figure from Celtic mythology, as in Tuatha De Dannan.

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