Parami(see also:paramita), or Perfections, are the ten transcendental virtues a Bodhisatta (Mahayana Buddhism prefers the term Bodhisattva) practises in order to attain supreme enlightenment, or Samma-Sambuddhahood. According to the Cariya Pitaka commentary, Parami are cultivated with compassion, guided by reason, not influenced by selfish motives, and untainted by misbelief and feelings of self-conceit.

These virtues are:
  1. Generosity(dana)
  2. morality( sila)
  3. renunciation(nekkhamma)
  4. wisdom(panna)
  5. energy (viriya)
  6. patience (khanti)
  7. truthfulness(sacca)
  8. determination(adhitthana)
  9. loving-kindness(metta)
  10. equanimity(Upekkha)
all terms in parentheses are Pali

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