At a Friday-night party at a decent university, things were winding down. Matt, however, was just getting started.

Matt pulled Dana into his dorm room and slammed the door shut. Muffled screams came from inside the room.

Within 30 seconds, a crowd of five slightly-drunk students formed at the door. Nobody else seemed to care.

After staring at the door for a few minutes, Lisa was the first of the five to speak up.

"Do you think we should do something?" She asked.

David spoke up next.

"Hell no. You know what he did before." David said.
"What? He's done this before?" asked Jessica. Her high-pitched voice made everyone wince.
"Matt's aggressive." Lisa said.

James took out his phone.

"I have the campus police on speed dial. I can call them right now." James said.

Kyle smacked the phone out of his hand.

"The hell with that, man! Dana is the only one of us who is even old enough to drink!" Kyle said.
"So what do we do?" Jessica asked.
"We should wait." Lisa said.

The five stood by the door and waited. A sound of shattering glass came from the room.

James went to grab his phone.

"That's it. I'm calling for help." He said.

Kyle grabbed James by the arm.

"Motherfucker, there are at least five underage students here. You call the cops, we are fucked beyond our wildest dreams. You hear me?

Kyle spoke slowly, to ensure that James got the point. James sighed.

"So... we wait?" James asked.
"Yeah. We wait." Kyle said.
"What happens if he comes out and we're all crowded around here?" Jessica asked.
"If it's anything like last time, it'll be a while before we need to worry about that." David said as he slumped against the opposite wall.

From the room, loud banging sounds could be heard along with indecipherable voices.

"It's hard to tell who's talking. Or what's happening." Lisa said.
"You can put two and two together. Lisa. You, of all people." David said.
"What's that supposed to mean?" Lisa asked.
"Oh, come on." David said.
"Dammit, Dave, I told you that I'd be completely honest with you about anything-" Lisa was cut off.
"Can you two have an argument some other time?" Kyle spoke in a very loud whisper.

The group stared at the door for about 20 minutes. Jessica shrieked slightly when she saw the door handle start to turn.

"Shit. What do we do?" Jessica said.
"Calm the fuck down!" Kyle said, pulling Jessica away from the door.

The door opened. Dana stood in the doorway, dusting off her jacket while taking her zippo lighter out of her pocket. She looked up to see the five people staring at her.

"Alright, everyone. Looks like I need to get out of here." Dana said.
"Are... you alright?" Jessica asked.
"Sure am." Dana said.
"What about Matt?" Jessica asked.

Dana sighed.

"He'll be out for a while." she said.

Dana walked out of the room and through the hallway, pausing only to fix her hair and grab a pack of cigarettes on the counter. Dana spoke loudly down the hall:

"Kyle, I owe you a pack of smokes. 'Night everyone."

Stepping over passed-out college kids, Dana lit herself a cigarette as she left the dorm and walked to her car.

Jessica was the first to step into Matt's room after Dana left. The others followed. They entered the room to a gruesome sight: A blood-spattered wall, a broken twin bed, and Matt, lying face-up on top of a busted office chair, bleeding from the mouth and on to his already blood-soaked shirt. His jaw was clearly broken, off to the right-hand side.

Everyone stood in shock, save for Kyle.

"Now you can call the cops, James." Kyle said.

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